Leonid Bakman, PhD

Founder & President

A serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years' experience, Leonid has been deeply engaged in the digital transformation of diverse fields including healthcare, manufacturing, food and agro-tech and government. An innovation policy expert, initiating and consulting in different innovation policy programs in Israel and abroad, Leonid has focused on the impact of digitalization on industry and wider society. Leonid was awarded a PhD from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in Business Strategy concentrating on the evolution process of knowledge-intensive industries.

Doron Meller

Director, AG & Food Tech

Doron was raised on a Negev Desert Kibbutz, working the land and maintaining the agriculture equipment. Following 7 years as a consultant to Israeli "blue-chip" companies on sustainability and CSR, Doron is coming full circle in giving leadership to Israel's agriculture and food tech ecosystem. Doron holds M.A. in management (with honour) from Ben-Gurion University and for several years has volunteered as a strategic consultant for Israeli's NGO's. In his spare time, Doron and his family explore the land of Israel.

Romi Davidor

Implementation Consultant

Following service at the Strategic Division in the IDF, Romi holds a B.A in Sustainability & Governance (with honour) from IDC Herzliya. Romi joined the CSR & Sustainability Consulting Group at BDO. Guiding leading Israeli companies in CSR reporting, policy making, environmental consulting, code of ethics, etc.

As being truly enthusiastic about creating a positive change at a national level, Romi joined as a consultant to the Innovation Implementation team assisting all four communities and corporates in the Israeli market.

Yael Ophir

BeWell.il Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences

Executive Director of BeWell.il, Yael is a former business development associate at NovellusDx, a cancer diagnostic start-up. Yael is skilled at capturing value and leveraging competitive advantage for small biotech companies, including medical centers, pharma companies and academic institutions. Yael holds an M.Sc. in Biomedical Sciences from the Hebrew University, specializing in immunology and cancer research.

Heli Rostoker

BeWell.il Clinical Integration Manager

Heli Rostoker has 8 years’ experience in clinical trials as a Study Coordinator at Rambam Medical Center. Heli holds a BSc in nutrition science.

Heli brings to her role a broad knowledge of trials design, patients management and high presentation skills

Heli believes that “The best way to predict the future is to invent it” and feels excited to support digital health implementation in the public sector.

Neta Kaduri

EcoMotion, Community Manager

Netta brings passion & excellence to EcoMotion in her role, aimed at taking the EcoMotion community to the next level. Netta is a certified Lawyer & a member of the Israeli Bar Association. She gained her professional experience while interning at AYR & Co Law firm, litigation department and holds an LL.B in Law (Deans List) and a  B.A. in Business Management (Honors) from the IDC, Herzliya. Netta has extensive experience in leading educational and social programs as well as event planning from an array of leadership positions she held over the years and as an Israeli Defense Forces education officer.

Tomer Sharir

BeWell.il Community Manager

Worked in The Division for Advancement and External Relations in the Hebrew University while studying Middle Eastern Studies.

Worked as the CEO of Bezalel Academy Student Union and as a math teacher for deprived youth.

A social activist and a co-founder of “Project Resisim” - a volunteer organization creating legitimacy for Israelis to share their combat stories.

Left the sweet water, tractor and fields of the north in favour of the jazz scene and the salty water of Tel-Aviv. 

Yael Shinar

BeWell.Haifa Project Manager

Yael brings to BeWell.Haifa her expertise of over 6+ years in government relations, PR and news-media. Prior to her current role, Yael served as an advisor to Minister Limor Livnat for 3.5 years, and as an editor and writer at TheMarker. After working in lead positions, Yael decided to turn her love for innovation and her personal interest in health care into a career, and she is excited to be on the BeWell.Haifa and BeWell.il team. Yael holds a B.A from Tel-Aviv University in Business Management and Sociology. Passionate about Haifa, Yael is also active in a host of city projects.

Pnina Vortman

Since 1991, Pnina has worked at IBM Research-Haifa in a variety of roles. Pnina pioneered the research focus on healthcare and was active in initiating information-based medicine in IBM. From 2000, Pnina has been focused on information integration in healthcare and life sciences.

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Jonathan Menuhin, PhD

Excutive Director

In his 15+ years' experience with Israel’s largest companies, Jonathan lead the introduction and integration of management systems including CSR, Sustainability and Innovation, as well as teaching these practices in academic and professional courses.  A member of the academic board of the NB School of Design, Jonathan was a board member and Chair of Ethics Committee of the Organizational Development Association in Israel (IPPA). Jonathan received his PhD from Warwick University (UK) in Business Strategy Studies focusing on innovation processes at HSBC (UK), 1990-2000.

Nir Koren

VP of Implementation

With his passion for shaping the future, Nir has focused the past decade on exploring the challenges of major Israeli companies and sustainability of their value chain. Nir led a team of experienced business consultants working on policymaking, stakeholder reporting and dialogue, creating shared value, defining and connecting sustainability KPIs to innovation, as well as dealing with climate change. With broad experience in diverse sector projects including finance, retail, infrastructure, transportation, energy, pharmaceuticals and municipal government, Nir created and lectures in training workshops and courses. Nir was awarded a degree in Law (LL.B) & Governance (B.A.) from IDC Herzliya.

Orlie Dahan

EcoMotion Director

Following Israeli Air Force service, a B.A. in Business from IDC and her passion for transportation, Orlie worked for a private aviation company and then founded her first company, creating 2-wheeled vehicles. Orlie most recently represented the Israeli transport sector in Europe, enhancing international collaborations for joint R&D. With 12 years of experience in transportation, exploring different modes and roles in transportation, Orlie is excited to be on the EcoMotion team, supporting entrepreneurs and start-ups reach their goals, meet, connect and collaborate.

Tal Biran ben gal

BeWell.il Director

Having lived, worked, and studied (MBA) in Italy, Tal capitalized on this experience to work in joint Israel-EU governmental projects, assisting in project development. Tal brings to her role as BeWell.il community manager broad experience in planning, implementing and executing local and international projects. With her natural enthusiasm, Tal is excited to be a part of a team focused on developing Israel’s Digital Health Ecosystem.

Itzik Kushel

BeWell.Haifa Community Manager

Itzik has 10+ years' experience in social involvement, NGOs/NPOs and government. His experience includes working for the Ministry of Science, Technology & Space, Hebrew University Student Union and many more.

Itzik is a Focused, flexible, and experienced Professional with experience in planning and implementing organizations’ strategies and outstanding ability in mobilizing individuals and organizations to deliver expectations.

Itzik is super excited to bring his capabilities to the important effort of making Haifa the digital health capital of the world.

Itzik holds a B.A. in Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies from The Hebrew University and currently studying for M.B.A at the University of Haifa.

Maya Friedman

Communities coordinator, Ed.il

An alumnus of the “Teach for Israel” program, Maya has 10+ years of educational experience in Israel’s formal and informal education systems including educational management, developing counseling programs for youth and adults and high school teaching.  Maya also has broad experience in journalism and social media advertising. 

Maya combines advocacy for youth leadership and innovative thinking, with a passion for writing and dancing. Having grown up in Florida and Kfar-Saba, Maya now lives in Tel Aviv. She received her B.A from Ben Gurion University in political science and Jewish philosophy. 

Dana Kedar

Ag Tech Community Manager

Dana brings her expertise in the Marcom field, helping start-ups communicate all aspects of marketing: Branding, PR, content management, websites management and social media. Dana is well experienced with client-relations as well as with events production. Prior to her current role, Dana was a Marcom & Project manager at PearlCom.

Dana is a certified Lawyer and holds a B.A in business administration and an L.L.B in law from the IDC Herzeliya.

Rachel Feder

Rachel manages the financial affairs of the Institute following 9 years experience in for profit companies and non-profit organizations. Previously Chief Financial Officer at an advertising and high-tech company, Freimann Productions, Rachel was a member of the management team and responsible for accounts and payroll for over 50 employees.

Allan Reitzes

Following a 30 year career in Jewish communal service, which included President of the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, Allan established Allan Reitzes Consulting serving non-profit organizations in North America and Israel. Holding and MSW and PhD in Social Work, Allan’s university teaching included the University of Maryland, Haifa University and Hebrew University.

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