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of the Israel Innovation Institute

Unlocking 13 years of expertise in fostering innovation ecosystems, the Israel Innovation Institute (III) is primed to empower international entities — governments, municipalities, corporations, and more — in cultivating their local innovation ecosystems. Catalyst invites you to foster economic development based on the Institute’s proven methodology, and using its network and experience.

An innovation ecosystem can:

Push economic regional development

Create a national technological advantage

Position the organization at the forefront of innovation

Create an effective global network

Improve innovation integration

Market Education

Social Capital Creation

Access to Knowledge

Open Innovation Facilitation


III’s Methodology Layers.

Catalyst offers:

End-to-end strategic process | Hands-on training | Strategy execution support | Tailor-made processes

Our unique approach is based on a proven methodology that can be adapted according to each ecosystem’s strengths and barriers.

We'll be happy to tell you more

Previous Projects

Innovation Leaders Seminar with the UNCCD

leaders from 10 Sub-Saharan countries worked together to identify burning desertification challenges in their countries, and designed projects using technology to tackle those needs.
During 6 online sessions seminar, followed by a week-long seminar in Israel, they learned about challenge identification, tackling strategies, solutions evaluation, and POC design. Then, they uploaded their challenges to an online platform and, arrived in Israel’s desert to meet with relevant solutions and start building collaborations. Lastly, 17 partnership groups presented their planned joint pilot in an online investor pitching event.

Water Innovation Ecosystems Process with IDB

An IDB water delegation was introduced to the Institute’s methodology and to the local ecosystem in a profound process, including a day-long workshop in Israel. The delegates met key players and had a hands-on workshop to discuss how they will develop their local ecosystem using the Israel Innovation Institute’s tools. Then, IDB and the Israel Innovation Institute published a joint paper combining the Institute’s methodology with the Inter America water ecosystem’s case study, shared a report about the tour in Israel, and hosted a webinar to share the knowledge and learnings from the tour with a wider group of water executives from the region.

Ecosystem Leaders Workshop with EIT

European innovation ecosystem leaders from various fields are trained annually in a one-day hands-on workshop in Tel Aviv. The participants discuss various challenges of leading the innovation ecosystem and learn about Israel Innovation Institute’s methodology and experience. They meet with innovation ecosystem leaders for peer learning and at the end of the day, build a 6-month work plan to develop their ecosystems based on III’s proven methodology and suggested tools. The workshop encourages professional dialogue and knowledge sharing in a peer-to-peer structure.

Innovation Ecosystem Seminar with Andorra

The III built a tailor-made process for Andorra’s key players in the innovation ecosystem, to lead innovation ecosystems in different sectors, and improve both the quality of life in Andorra and provide a competitive advantage to the country’s economy. The training included the Israel Innovation Institute’s proven methodology workshop which equipped participants with practical tools and guided them in formulating a comprehensive annual work plan. In addition, they were exposed to the vibrant local ecosystem, discussed with innovation leaders and key players from the hi-tech sector, networked with relevant executives, and learned about case studies based on the Israel Innovation Institute operational framework and experience. Following the seminar, the Institute organized follow-up meetings to support the adaptation of the tools they learned in Andorra’s ecosystem.

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