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Positioning Israel as an Innovation Center for Global Challenges as a Basis for Socio - Economic Development

About Us.

The Israel innovation institute is a non-profit “think and do tank” bringing innovative technology and knowledge into real-world settings.

The institute enables and facilitates the development, testing, and the demonstration of scalable, innovative solutions to global challenges—in indispensable fields such as Healthcare, Agriculture, Transportation, and Climate Change.

Moreover, the Institute promotes the structured process of innovation management in organizations.  We support innovation managers by developing various tools and advancing open innovation in Israel.

Collaborating with public and private organizations, the institute and its partners are fueling holistic and sustainable change to deliver the highest quality of life in Israel and worldwide.


Our Goals - Creating Impact

Transforming the Israeli corporations & the public utilities to living labs

Enhancing the variety & strengths of technologies aiming to solve global challenges

Branding Israel as an innovation hub for global challenges

How Do We Make it Happen?



We are highly experienced in building and managing successful innovation ecosystems in sectors that have major impact on the lives of people in Israel and worldwide...

Open Innovation Practice.

In alignment with the Israel Innovation Institute' mission to support the digital transformation processes of public organizations and corporations in Israel and globally...

Want to Dive Deeper?

Engage with our innovation communities in your relevant field of interest

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