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The Israel Innovation Institute is a non-profit “think and do tank” bringing innovative technology and knowledge into real-world settings. The Institute enables and manages the development, testing, and the demonstration of scalable, innovative solutions to global challenges—indispensable fields such as Healthcare, Education and Transportation. Collaborating in workplaces, such as schools and health facilities, the Institute and its partners are fueling holistic and sustainable change to deliver the highest quality of life in Israel and worldwide.
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 Israel as the Source for Innovative Solutions 
to Global Challenges
Connecting ecosystem players – start-ups, entrepreneurs, technology companies, investors, policy makers and academia – by building and managing innovation communities – promoting trust, knowledge creation and cooperation – introducing open innovation processes and management systems in organizations for the development and testing of innovative solutions in these real world settings.   
Why Now?

The world and its economies are experiencing a dramatic transition. Digital technology is disrupting the status quo  changing products, industries and customers' needs. Innovation has rendered many companies and their products obsolete while creating new industries and wealth. We adopt these innovative technologies to help solve global social, environmental and economic challenges, increasing wellbeing worldwide.






Israel, with its social capital and entrepreneurial spirit, is already considered to be a leader in this revolution. If we can increase and enhance the pool of knowledge and participants, and provide the necessary incentives to encourage cooperation among competitive organizations, we will transform Israel’s public sector and take the first steps in shaping a better world.