When:  July 17-18, 2019
Where: Start-Up Nation Central HQ, Tel Aviv


PhenoHack is a 2-day hackathon where teams work intensively to develop new concepts for technological solutions to meet Bayer’s phenotyping needs. Throughout PhenoHack, mentoring and workshop sessions will be available to help the teams as much as possible.


PhenoHack will culminate in a final event where the teams will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges. The winning team will receive a $13,000 prize to help them fund initial proof of concept (POC)

Important dates:

When: July 17-18
Where: 28 Lilenblum St, Tel Aviv - Start-up Nation Central HQ

Applications Open
May 1

Introduction & kickoff event

July 3

July 17-18


The Challenge 

Phenotyping of vegetable crops refers to the measurement and characterization of traits of interest of the crop during different growth stages. Quantitative or qualitative measurements of these traits are relevant for different purposes throughout the value chain: from the breeding process -- resulting in new varieties -- to the production of vegetables in the field or in greenhouses.


Today, the phenotyping of vegetable species is mostly conducted manually. This is an expensive, cumbersome process and results in a limited amount of data collected from the field and greenhouse plots. While for field crops there are already advanced data collection and analysis systems in place, these technologies often aren't immediately transferable to vegetable crops, and do not fit the needs of the breeders or the growers.

The required solutions:
 Automated phenotyping tools

  • Devices consisting of sensors able to cover a range of images and/or other signals

  • Efficient, automated data collection and handling

  • Process for data processing and data analysis

Vegetable breeding 

Automated phenotyping to provide useful data for application in the breeding program (for example, via imaging, spectrometry, thermography)

Vegetable production 

 Automated phenotyping of various data types, using imaging, spectrometry, thermography, and converting it into metric data

What is the expected outcome of PhenoHack?


Who can apply?

Entrepreneurs, programmers, engineers, former members of military intelligence units, students, breeders, agronomists, biologists, researchers, industrial/product designers, and the creative public at large!

*You can apply to PhenoHack as a team or an individual (and we will assign you to a team)



Borg Exelmans

EMEA IT Lead, Vegetable Seeds
Bayer Cropscience

Sean MacEachern

Statistics and Digital Innovations Lead

Vegetable Seeds R&D
Bayer CropScience

Johan Botterman

Innovation Sourcing 
Bayer-Trendlines Ag Innovation Fund

Melanie Heroult 
Head of R&D Innovation Sourcing
Bayer Cropscience

Danny Williams

Head of Automation Engineering

Bayer Cropscience

Carl Jones
Global Head of Innovation and New Technologies 

Dr. Eyal Emmanuel
Chief Scientific Officer

Sarai Kemp
 VP Business Development
Trendlines Agtech 

Maya Schushan Orgad
Bayer Trendlines Ag Innovation Fund

Hagai Karchi

Roy Livneh

Dr. Dror Shalitin
Founder & CEO

Moshe Bar
Co-founder & CTO

Shahar Harari

Gil Shalev

Dr. Zur Granevitze
Technological Director
Phenomics Consortium

Adi Vagman
Founder & Managing Partner
AgriNation Venture Capital

Michael Darchi

Assurance Partner- High Tech Practice  


 Asher Barel
Assurance Senior Manager – High Tech Practice


Hanne Volpin 

Deputy CEO & Head of R&D
Danziger Innovations

Shai Leviatov
Crop Breedeing Manager for Tomatoes 
Enza Spain

Amichai Baron
VP BD Agri-Tech, Veterinary, Food & Environment

Dr. Orly Savion

Director of Business Development
 Yeda R&D Company

Sharon Zalewski

Assurance Partner- High Tech Practice  


  Dr. Dikla Montekio
GreenSoil Investments

Dr. Sigal Yosef

Head of Life Science, Innovation and R&D Incentives Center


Ohad Zuckerman
Managing Partner
COPIA Agro and Food Technologies

Dr. Iftach Klapp

Researcher, Agro-Optics and sensing Lab
 ARO-Volcani Center.

Ilay Englard


 Daniel Koster
Team Leader Core Technologies

Jonathan Henen
VP Products & Sales
Save Foods Ltd.

Dr. Ittai Herrmann

Plant Sensing Lab

Faculty of Agriculture, Food, and Environment

Ilya Leizerson
 Director of Innovation

ELBIT Systems, Cyber & C4I Division