The Israel Innovation Institute, as a catalyst for innovation in the public sector, maintains a “neutral” position enabling us to bring together innovative thinkers, hi-tech and social entrepreneurs, policy makers and academics, corporations and start-ups, service providers and consumers – inspiring individuals and dynamic communities – to shape the innovation landscape in Israel.
The Innovation Challenge

Disruptive change does not happen without three triggers:

  • Knowledge transfer – overcoming obstacles of relationship-building and location or lack of trust. 

  • Rise in demand for new technology – large organizations reluctant to welcome necessary but disruptive innovation due to lack of internal demand, cost, and challenges of integrating innovation in current system.

  • Adapting to multiple stakeholder-decided solutions – challenges will be solved by joint action of multiple stakeholders rather than a single major player (e.g., government).  


The Innovation Solution

We generate a critical mass of activity and momentum in selected fields through the following:

  • Building Innovation Communities – promoting private and public sector networks to enable exchange, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration, as well as raising market awareness, attracting new players and targeted investment.

  • Innovation Catalyst – facilitating change within the public sector, raising awareness to the potential of innovation, developing an innovation management system, introducing open innovation processes in real world settings for testing and refining new technologies, and their implementation and integration in public sector organizations.

  • Innovation Policy and Practice Implementation – initiating research and consulting to government and public sector bodies on how to best develop innovation policies, practices and work plans.

Innovation Community Management

Innovation communities offer a fresh way in shaping ecosystems that generate innovation in specific arenas.

Managing innovation communities includes stimulating connections, building trust and facilitating knowledge sharing between the stakeholders; entrepreneurs, corporations, public sector organizations, policy makers, academics, consumers and dreamers.

Strategies are designed to overcome obstacles and unleash innovation potential. We use different methods and tools including meetups, hackathons, challenge competitions, investor meetings, presentation workshops, and mentoring. 

The development of each community is measured by various KPIs such as participation growth and satisfaction rates, number of active members, and meetup enrollment. 

Improving Life in Israel
and Worldwide

Upgrading Israel’s

Public Services

Attracting financial and intellectual capital to strengthen Israel’s public infrastructure and bringing benefit from advanced, accessible and cost-effective public services.

Vital Industries Development

Helping Israeli firms to develop sustainability technologies & overcome initiation obstacles. 

Global Impact

Innovating solutions to challenges at home will also improve the quality of life worldwide and in particular of the developing world.