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Millennium Foood-Tech

The rounds we invest in:

Round A, Round B, Round C, Round D & Late Stage, Boundary and Above

Scale of Investment (in $):

$3M - $7M

Ag-Tech companies in our portfolio:

SavorEat, Phytolon, Tipa

Average amount of investments per year:

4 - 7

Our added value is:

Millennium Foood-Tech

· An Israeli Food-Tech dedicated investments vehicle that invests in the post-technology barrier phase (semi/commercial pilots, regulation, GTM, etc.).

· Invested by and partnered with financial institutions as co-investors.

·  Strong network of partnerships with multinational and local food companies, brands, retailers, and VCs

· Hands-on, Food-Tech expert’s management team that supports the portfolio companies and CEOs on the financial, strategic, and execution levels.

·  Strong capabilities in the capital markets and building the right exit strategy.

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