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Ecosystem Management

How Do We Make It Happen?

Ecosystem Management.

We are highly experienced in building and managing successful innovation ecosystems in sectors that have major impact on the lives of people in Israel and worldwide.

Our ecosystems are basically a massive active and growing network of all relevant players in a certain field such as startups, multi-nationals, academia, investors, government offices and regulatory entities, local authorities, and service providers.

We are devoted to support the growth of each ecosystem, by understanding the needs and challenges of the different stakeholders and providing relevant opportunities to answer those needs.​

We encourage & support collaborations between the different players from both the private as well as the public sector - operating both online and offline with our ecosystems' members:

  • Dedicated social media outreach and newsletters for each ecosystem stakeholder, where knowledge is widely shared and concrete business opportunities are presented.

  • Exclusive investors events and exposure of leading technologies

  • Presenting the ecosystem with the needs of big organizations, best practices, and future global trends

  • Tailored events to address the needs and challenges of ecosystem stakeholders, including  hands-on workshops for startups, targeted B2B events for organizations to explore solutions to their needs, meetups to share unique business opportunities and to allow relevant networking, challenge competitions for an end-to-end open innovation process and much more!

A powerful ecosystem brings growth and empowerment to its partners, and therefore, we enable our ecosystems' members to:

  • Meet and interact between relevant key players in the ecosystem

  • Take part in both structured and informal knowledge-sharing sessions

  • Experience Peer 2 Peer learning

  • Share mutual challenges and solutions

  • Explore potential collaborations and business opportunities

  • Gain hands-on tools to promote innovation

Open Innovation Practice

Open Innovation Practice.

In alignment with the Israel Innovation Institute' mission to support the digital transformation processes of public organizations and corporations in Israel and globally, we continuously support innovation leaders within organizations, as well as management, in an end-to-end open innovation processes from conceptualizing to implementation. The Institute’s proven methodologies and broad experience provides organizations with hands-on tools and the know-how of mechanisms and methodologies to initiate, strengthen and effectively execute innovation processes within their organization.


Our deep familiarity with the characteristics of the organizations within the innovation ecosystems in the sectors we lead, combined with our extensive network of tech-companies allows us to effectively bridge the gap between tech leaders and the big organizations (public or private).

In our work to support innovation implementation in public organizations and corporations we:


  • Design open innovation strategy including support in identification of organizational needs and challenges in order to agree on a structured framework for innovation related workplan

  • Apply proven innovation integration processes

  • Expose organizations to the full potential of digital transformation in their organizations and connect them to ground-breaking technologies in Israel

  • Train and accompany innovation managers and innovation enablers in their daily job

  • Perform where needed scouting processes of innovative technologies and support organizations in the evaluation process

  • Create a platform to pilot Israeli technologies by applying our structured framework for successful POCs

  • Support organizations in implementing outside technologies

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