Healthcare Innovation

Leaders Bootcamp

Fostering Innovation in Health Organizations
By the Israel Innovation Institute

November 25-29, 2019 | Tel-Aviv

Healthcare Innovation Leaders Bootcamp offers a unique 5-day exclusive accelerated-learning program, where you will acquire essential Toolbox skills.

Bootcamp Program Overview

This Bootcamp is designed to provide innovation leaders in health organizations professional tools and a practical framework for managerial, organizational, and operational changes within organizations in order to incorporate digital health solutions.

These hands-on tools will also give innovation leaders the know-how of how to use different mechanisms and methods to initiate, strengthen and effectively execute innovation processes in their health-organization.   

The following program outlines the main topics to be covered in the bootcamp.  

*Please, note that the program is subject to change. During this time we will ask you to specify your needs, challenges and expectations and we will do our best to incorporate the relevant content

  • Welcome :-) Orientation & Introduction Opening Session

  • Building with Blocks: Innovation Management Model for health organizations

  • Being an Innovation Leader: Exploring a successful case study with an Israeli health organization innovation leader

  • Building Block:  Challenge Identification

  • The Future of Healthcare is Amazing: The 21st Century Promise of Digital Health

  • The Power of Network: Collaboration with other health organization leaders - self observation model - What type of an innovation leader am?!

  • VIP Cocktail Event

  • Building Block: Open Innovation Management

  • Hammers & Screwdrivers : Practical work with the 10 Step Open Innovation Management Model

  • Building Block: Cross Organizational Infrastructure    

  • Cross Organization Mechanisms Checklist: Individual work on personal roadmap

  • Be Prepared!: Maximizing opportunities at the Digital.Health.Now. 2019 event

  • Building Block: Working with startups: Do's & Don’ts

  • Set Up - Scale Up! : Demo day

  • Let's Talk AI: A look into the role of artificial intelligence in healthcare    

HealthIL main event: Digital.Health.Now. 2019

The MARKETPLACE for people who seek to promote and empower health organizations.  The event will have: 

  • 1500 participants

  • 350 startups

  • Over 30 health organizations

  • Over 500 B2B meetings

  • 6 Interactive PLAYGROUND halls

  • 5 Workshops & Sessions


  • Building Block: Innovation Project Management 

  • Group Meeting: Finalize Startup List 


Free Night in Tel Aviv

  • Morning Thoughts: Takeaways from the Digital.Health.Now.

  • Building Block: Ecosystem and collaborations - on-site tour and exploration at ARC Healthcare Innovation Center at Sheba Medical Center (#10 medical center worldwide)

  • Building Block: Discover tools for promoting innovation culture within health organizations

  • Work Work Work: Finalizing individual work plans based on the previous four days with the guidance and assistance of mentors

  • Building Block: Ecosystem and collaborations through a Network of Living Labs

  • Holy city, Smart City: Exploring Jerusalem's unique innovation ecosystem

  • We Want Your Feedback!: Closing Session

  • Farewell Gathering: Festive lunch, an inspirational talk, and award certificates

  • Tour of the Old City of Jerusalem


Established in 2011 as a nonprofit organization, the Israel Innovation Institute (III) is aiming to position Israel as the innovation hub for global challenges and increase the wellbeing of the 21st century citizens, in Israel and all over the world.

By bringing together ecosystem stakeholders, innovative thinkers, entrepreneurs, policy makers, academics, corporations, start-ups, service providers, consumers, and inspiring individuals - we are actively shaping the innovation landscape.

The III manages four innovation eco- ecosystems on behalf of the Israeli government: Digital Healthcare (HealthIL community), Smart Transportation (EcoMotion community), Learning Technologies (LearnIL community),and Advanced Agriculture (GrowingIL community). Recently it created the Innovation Management community (The Catalyst), for supporting the entire mission and serving the innovation implementation in the large corporation associated with the other four communities.



HealthIL is the III's health innovation ecosystem comprised of over 500 startups, over 31 health organization, and all together 5000 community members. It is part of Israel's national program to promote Digital Health in Israel, and as such it is a joint venture of the Israel Innovation Institute, Israel's Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Social Equality.

The HealthIL mission is to foster development and integration of innovative solutions for healthcare organization challenges.

Over time, it created a platform for technology companies to connect with healthcare organizations based on defined needs and challenges. With ongoing projects with more than 25 Israeli health organizations, 550 challenges identified only in the past year and 500 technological companies as part of HealthIL community, HealthIL is the prominent integrator between healthcare challenge and tech transformation in Israel.



Soroka Medical Center


Development of Innovation Management Infrastructure


  • Support Soroka medical center's management to drive and implement new technologies & solutions

  • Layout an infrastructure for actualizing innovation

  • Expose the Soroka staff to innovation procedures and pinpointing relevant challenges


The process began by defining the scope of the project and focusing on the Neurological Department. 

28 startups applied to the challenge and 6 proceeded to the next phase; where they met with the Medical staff.

At the conclusion of the process, 2 startup companies were selected to begin a pilot with Soroka Medical Center.

Meet the Team


Dr. Jonathan Menuhin

Executive Director, Israel Innovation Institute

Tal Biran Ben-Gal

Director, Strategic Collaborations at Israel Innovation Institute

Yael Ophir

Executive Director, Digital Health


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