Tomorrow’s Crop Protection Challenge

Efficient. Precise. Sustainable

Do you have what it takes?

ADAMA and GrowingIL are proud to partner in order to profoundly impact tomorrow’s crop protection. The main goal of this challenge competition is to assist farmers achieve new heights of productivity while reducing environmental impact, by finding the most advanced Israeli AgTech solutions that will address the pressing challenges in today’s agriculture environment in an effective, precise, and sustainable manner. ​

 Missed the exposure webinar?
Where we provided further information about the challenges and process

What is a Challenge Competition?

Relevant applicants will be selected for developing or adapting an existing product to the needs of the industry prioritized by ADAMA.

Throughout the challenge, the selected applicants will interact with mentors from ADAMA to gain access and information regarding the company’s needs in relation to global farmers’ pain points and receive live feedback on their suggested solutions.

The challenge will culminate in a grand final event, where the finalists will present their suggested solutions & planned POC. The winners will be chosen by the jury ADAMA’s Judging Panel comprised of leading executives.

The Winning Prize.

The winning companies will conduct a fully funded joint POC with ADAMA, which will allocate its physical and human resources for the benefit of the POC.

Who Can Apply?

Startups, technology companies, developers, innovators, engineers, etc. If you are a team based in Israel with a solution that can solve one of the challenges below and you are committed to working on a joint POC with ADAMA’s team.

The Challenges.

The combination of a rapidly growing world population, increased challenges from pests, and a greater global emphasis on sustainability, provides a challenging environment in which to ensure global food security.

Vast advances in AgTech have the potential to provide farmers with much greater yields at lower costs, while reducing the use inputs, including Crop Protection, leading to a more sustainable future.

The synergy of chemistry and technology opens new possibilities for the use of crop protection products in places or at times that otherwise may have been limited by regional regulations.


ADAMA believes there is no one-size-fits-all solution, we are providing guidelines in the use cases, but not specifying the exact solutions we are seeking:


Precision AgTech solutions promoting effective use of crop protection products while reducing environmental impact of the following aspects: Non Target Organisms, MRLs, spray drift reduction, run-off pollution and soil degradation. Suggested solutions must address one or multiple aspects.



Technological decision support solutions allowing farmers to choose the most suitable herbicide product according to the weed’s status (species and growth stage) in their field at the early post-emergence stage. Early-stage weed detection technology ensures that farmers know which herbicide and in what quantity will deliver a precision strike to the weeds in their fields, leading to healthier crops, increased yields, and better resistance management


Dan Bakola

Agtech Scouter

Yalon Perelman

Global AgTech Projects Manager

Yael Israeli

Global AgTech Projects Manager

Walter Savoia

Global Product Strategy Manager

Hadas Miryamchik

Global Product Development Manager

Danny Karmon

Global Product Development Manager

Georgiana Francescotti

Agtech & Digital Services Manager


Nimrod Reznik

Global Product Development Manager

Dana Jacob

Global Product Development  Manager

Steven Gaulier

Environmental fate Expert

Doron Cohen

Global Product Strategy Manager

Challenge Timeline.



Exposure meetup

providing further information about the challenges and process

07/02/21 - 21/02/21


Application review

ADAMA’s team will review the applications and select the companies (up to 8 companies for both challenges) that will move on to the finals



Final date for finalists to submit an extended dossier



ADAMA announcement on the winning solution(s)



Challenge competition official lunch and opening applications



Application deadline



Finalists Announcement



Virtual final event

exclusively for the Finalists



ADAMA is one of the world's leading crop protection companies, providing solutions to farmers and customer around the world to combat weeds, insects and diseases, helping them grow.

At ADAMA, we actively seek opportunities to listen to growers, experts and colleagues to understand the challenges they face, their pain points and needs, as part of our promise to Listen > Learn > Deliver . Even though we have a vast portfolio of crop protection products, we know we cannot deliver the solutions to every farming challenge alone.

We already closely partner with carefully selected innovative AgTech service providers, and as part of our overall AgTech strategy, we are seeking new, creative and practical solutions to add to our portfolio with the goal of bringing value and simplicity to our customers and farmers.

For more information about ADAMA, go to our website.

Terms and conditions

To download the challenge competition terms and conditions, please click here.