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Day 3

Digital.Health.Now. 2019

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Innovation Process


Project Prioritization

Digital.Health.Now 2019 Booklet

Overview of Today

Digital.Health.Now 2019, was truly awesome. We got to see the power of innovation by people who have dedicated their lives to products they believe in. We got to plan meetings with Organizations we wanted to learn more about, and have intimate conversations.


Today, networking was at our fingertips. We met Healthcare Organizations, Government companies, HealthIL Ecosystem members, and startups and tech companies. So many amazing people looking to collaborate or get the word out about what their services provide.


8 of you presented your chosen challenge at the “Challenges” Stage to potentially find future collaborators from the event!!!


So at the end of the conference, we sat back down to discuss Innovation Process Management with Arina Ballas. The key being “strategic plans & challenges,” and always using that as a foundation to go back to when we need guidance. We need teamwork to develop project portfolios to maximize execution, and deliver! Bini Greenfield spoke about his “Criteria for Examining Innovation Proposals.” We then had to develop our own criteria for sub-challenges to gain insights and decipher where improvements need to be made. A project manager, a team, timelines, defined deliverables, and a project sponsor make a project more likely to succeed.


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