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Day 4

Collaboration & the culture of innovation

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Overview of Today

Today we spent a wonderful day at Sheba Medical Center.

Maria from the Health Hub at Sheba Hospital, spoke about this special space for innovation. We talked about our experience at yesterday’s event, and meeting with other companies that may provide solution to our challenges.


Nathalie Bloch, the head of the ARC Innovation Center for Digital Health at Sheba Medical Center (10th best hospital in the world!) gave us a look at what they do. They work internally to learn about their challenges and needs.  To propel their quality of care they focus on academia, strategic partners, innovation from outside, and innovation from inside. They use a system for proof of concept to collaborate and create answers.


We had a panel with Adi Ben-Nesher, Nathalie Bloch, and Tovi Carmon. They spoke about Sheba and how it partners with different ecosystems and creates a mutually beneficial environment. In Israel, clinical daily life data is still not of use in the “cloud.” There is no clear legal documentation on what can or cannot be done, so the government is still doing risk analysis. At Microsoft, they believe you can do everything you need to do, within safety guidelines of the government. At Sheba, they partner with Microsoft, who guaranteed no risk in exposure of information or breaking government laws. So, Sheba and Microsoft share the risk together. The hub is a place to work with startups and new ideas, but create an ecosystem within Sheba as well. Their parameters for success? That’s their one million dollar question. So, they learn through experience and based off of each projects’ outcome. Did they become better, more efficient, etc?  They want to improve the way in which they contribute to the wellbeing of their patients’ lives. For now, they don’t share their data outwardly, and any data that they do use, has to be unidentified personal information.


We then heard about the power of AIDOC, a new technology using AI for a smart imaging analysis system for radiologists. We were given a tour of Sheba and saw how AIDOC was actually used in a clinical setting.


Now, back to work. We continued prioritizing & defining sub-challenges and finalizing our information for the group presentations.


After lunch, we spoke about the Culture of Innovation – THE FINAL BUILDING BLOCK! We heard from Hagit Hendel, CEO of Rabin Medical Center, and Dr. Ari Levin, the Deputy Director at Meir Medical Hospital. They both spoke about the role of innovation in their Organizations. They spoke about how their staff wants basic resources over thinking outside the box. So, how do they approach that challenge? They may ask/learn their challenges from their medical staff, and then start to think about how they can work within their budget to solve it. They use internal resources, like the IT department.

Hendel’s advice? START SMALL. Work up to the best. Be totally committed.

Levin’s advice? Find the stars in your organization, and motivate them! Treat your team like family and learn from them.


Next, we mapped out our stakeholders to think about; what’s in it for them?


Time to get your groups together and prepare for our FINAL presentations tomorrow. But, don’t forget to enjoy your last night out in Tel Aviv!