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Day 2

Open Innovation Management


Cross organization

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Open Innovation Management model




Daniel Rabina - Cross Org. Infrastructure

Overview of Today

Breathe in…. breathe out…


We started our morning with some mindfulness meditation. Through some deep breaths and imaging, we focused on trusting our process, and looking for opportunity in the days to come.


Nir Koren started off our sessions with an amazing look at the 10 Step Model for Open Innovation Management in Healthcare Organizations. He taught us to look for the focus areas, and challenges, in building relationships between corporations and startups.  At the end, we were left with a colorful and beautiful board filled with potential challenges and helpful tools we could use at each step of the process.


What did we ultimately see? The necessity of: TEAMWORK. “Make love and not war with your startup!”


Our coffee break was MUCH needed, because then we had to take a look at our own organizations. Using a checklist, we looked to see where our organization fits in the process. This gave us a helpful look at how to have a structured process when we go home.


Up next we focused on Cross-Organizational Infrastructure.

Part 1: We heard from Daniel Rabina of Clalit, who spoke about the struggle of dealing with different realities between corporations and startups. More specifically, how to actually implement projects using many different tools.

Part 2: Dudi Klein from Assuta spoke about how to have economic sustainability in innovation. He emphasized excellence in service and pushing boundaries.


We then took a quick look at a potential project we wanted to solve. What would be the mechanisms within the organization that would promote and help the project succeed?


Yoav Fisher pushed our challenges from yesterday even further with his “Working with Startups: Dos and Don’ts” presentation. How do we decide if a startup is relevant to us, or not? Therefore, we had to go back, and think about 2 main things: What discipline or specialty does are challenge fit into in the world of digital health & what are the core technological drivers that are needed to reach a solution?


We then headed to hear from some finalists for the Microsoft Step-Up Challenge! We heard from some really amazing start-ups and placed our votes…to be continued :)


The night of talks ended with a brief on the importance of Artificial Intelligence, and an overview of EIT. Wine and dinner concluded our day with smiles and laughs!


Tomorrow is the Digital.Health.Now 2019 event, so get some rest and get ready for an incredible day!